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Yin/Yang, Qi and Tuina

yinyang theoryMost people know of Yin/Yang, the energy in the universe that balances the world. But few people know about the interior energy Qi (Chi). Qi balances the human body and spirit. The interior energy goes to muscles and meridians to enhance strength in the body. Also, Qi heals sickness, such as pain, stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Some of the high level Qi-Gong healers could heal cancer and tumors without surgery.

Qi theoryChinese Tui-na is traditional massage. It uses pushing, rubbing, tapping, light pinching and pressure on the points to open circulation and relieve sickness. The Chinese think that if you have pain, the circulation is blocked. The blockage must be opened to let blood and Qi flow through the body meridians. Chinese massage brings fresh blood and energy into the blockage areas.

Chinese traditional massage has been developed for over a thousand years, and was especially used to treat Emperors. Now it is popular in modern society and in many countries. It is very popular in New York City. It has become one of the beauty well-being activities and spa treatments. Such traditional treatments as Guasha and cupping are now accepted by Americans.

Graceful Spa & Graceful Services

Graceful Spa is the third location of Graceful Services.

Graceful Services was established in 2001 by Grace Gao Macnow and her daughter Li Huang (who owns the 14 Street location). Both of them are NYS licensed Massage therapists and NYS licensed Estheticians. (read more)


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